How to find the right white

Nothing says fresh like a coat of white paint. There is a fine line between designing a white palette for your home that conjures feelings of tranquility, peace and harmony and one that has you thinking you’ve woken up in an art gallery or science laboratory. You do not want to get this one wrong.

The very first thing you need to decide on, to avoid making a white faux pas, is whether you want a cool white or a warm white…

In short, colours have different bases or undertones. This means that micro amounts of colour added to a white base, alter whether the result is warm or cool. For example, blue, grey, green or black added to a white base make it cooler; yellow red or brown added to a white base make it warmer.

Tips when choosing white:

  • Paint an A4 piece of card that you can move around in your space
  • See how the colour reacts to the light throughout the course of the day
  • Consider the light sources in the room from the windows, lights and lamps
  • Turn the lights on and off and watch how the colour reacts
  • Consider how the white colour makes you feel in your space.

A few shades of white to get you started:

Cool White

  1. Lexicon Quarter (Dulux)
  2. Chalkdust (Wattyl)
  3. Infinity White (British Paints)

Warm White

  1. Wairaki Quarter (Dulux) (A Draperly favourite!)
  2. Antique USA (Dulux)
  3. White Comfort (British Paints)

Images, from top down via: Coco Lapine Design, @bowerbirdinteriors, @amberinteriors, @bellalulu_styling


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