Free track with s-fold curtains2019-12-31T11:48:02+00:00

Our S-fold curtains arrive with a free custom made designer profile slimline Forest KS track in white. When customising your order, you may select from either the wall mounted or ceiling mounted options. The curtain and tracks are a system, and designed to go together to create the perfect S-fold.

We also offer our ceiling and wall tracks in black at no extra charge. Please contact customer service within 12 hours of placing your order to amend your order to a black track.

Use your own fabric2019-12-31T11:21:35+00:00

We think our fabrics are pretty special, but if you are after a custom fabric design (colour, print or detail etc), or would just like to use your own fabric to make up your curtains or roman blinds we don’t mind one bit. Please get in touch with our customer service team who would be happy to assist you with your specific project requirements.

What if I have a curtain track?2019-12-31T11:43:12+00:00

Our S-fold curtains arrive with a free custom made designer profile slimline Forest KS track in white. When customising your order, you may select from either the wall mounted or ceiling mounted options. The curtain and track are a system and designed to go together to create the perfect S-fold. Fabric is supplied at 2x the fullness for a luxurious and sophisticated finish.

Our soft top curtains are designed specifically for use with an exposed rod and curtain rings and therefore designed intentionally not to hide a wall or ceiling mounted curtain track.  While they can be used with a curtain track and the function is not affected, it is the aesthetics that need to be considered. If you have any questions about using our product with a curtain track, please email us at info@draperly.com.au and we will be happy to help you.

Our Euro and 3 pinch pleat curtains are designed to be used with rods and rings or ceiling and wall tracks however please note that all tracks are different and you may need to use more or less hooks then your curtains are supplied with to match up with your existing track.



We use Sendle to courier all of our orders to our customers. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive tracking details with your order and courier details.

Free Shipping2019-04-08T15:14:36+00:00

We offer free shipping to most city and suburban locations. If it is discovered once you place your order, that your delivery address falls outside of our free shipping zones, we will contact you with shipping costs.

How to calculate A & B2018-02-18T14:37:47+00:00

We recommend you use a metal tape measure for accuracy. All measurements are in centimetres. Double check your measurements.

A: This measurement should be taken from the the underside of the rod to the floor.

B: Enter the total width of your rod (excluding decorative finials).

What is the ideal curtain fullness?2019-09-18T10:41:13+00:00
Curtains can be flat or they can have fullness. Fullness is the extra fabric used across the width of the drape to provide the curtain with a fuller and more luxurious feel. Fullness also provides more light and sound absorption and creates a beautiful visual depth of field.


When selecting S-fold, 3 pinch pleat or Euro pleat curtains, an automatic fullness of 2-2.5 x the width specified is applied. It requires this amount of fabric to create these looks.


When selecting soft top curtains, the use, look and budget can help determine how much fullness should be applied to your curtains. As a general rule, we recommend 2 x fabric fullness. This will give your curtains a luxurious drape and feel. If you are looking for a more budget solution, you can choose 1.5 x fabric fullness. We would only recommend 1x fabric fullness if you do not intend on closing the curtains as 1 x fabric fullness  can look like a flat sheet once the curtains are drawn closed.
How are the curtains made?2018-02-05T13:20:54+00:00

All of our curtains are made to order in our partner factory in Sydney, Australia. Our factory is family owned and has been supplying curtains to industry professionals throughout Australia and the world for over three generations.

What is the ideal curtain length?2019-12-31T11:35:29+00:00

Curtain length depends entirely on the look you would like to achieve.

1. Just above the floor:

If you would like your curtains to hang without touching the floor (by approximately 1cm), this is the best option for you. This style is considered to be the most practical, no-fuss and casual look. Dust won’t gather, and the hem will stay clean.

2. On the floor:

This is the most custom and intentional of the looks but can be very tricky. It requires accurate measuring and perfectly level floors as and ceilings which are quite rare to come by!

It is also worth keeping in mind that as natural fibres contract and expand slightly with the changing seasons, you may notice slight movement in the length of the curtains throughout the course of the year.

3. Puddle on the floor:

This is the most romantic and luxurious of our curtain finishes. An approximately 5cm pool of fabric is created at the base of the curtain.  This is our very favourite look and works especially well when created in our high quality Belgian flax linens.

What curtain styles do Draperly offer?2019-09-18T10:51:57+00:00

We offer 4 styles of curtains: S-Fold, Soft Top, 3 Pinch Pleat and Euro Pleat.


This style is simple, elegant and on-trend. The S-Fold curtain looks just like a wave and glides easily along a custom made designer, slim profile Forest track. The soft, following, wave effect creates a perfectly draped fabric every time. When customising your curtains you may select from a free ceiling mounted or wall mounted track. We use 2x the fabric fullness for your s-fold curtains to create a luxurious and sophisticated finish.

Soft Top:

This style is perfect for the living room, dining room and bedroom. It is one of our most popular choices, creating a beautiful casual window dressing. The soft top creates gentle fabric folds for a fuller look when the curtain is drawn. We suggest selecting at least 1.5 x (one and a half times) fabric fullness for soft top curtains.

3 Pinch Pleat: 

This style of curtains provides a more structured look, featuring pleats that are pinched 9-10cm from the top of the curtain. As pinch pleated curtains have a more formal look, they suit the living room, the dining room and a more formal bedroom. To achieve this look, 3 pinch pleat curtains require 2.5 x the fabric of the measured width specified.

Euro Pleat:

This style of curtains provides a modern structured look, featuring pleats that are pinched together at the top of the curtain creating a neat waterfall effect. To achieve this look, Euro pleat curtains require 2.5 x the fabric of the measured width specified.

Your curtains arrive ready to hang2018-02-05T14:30:55+00:00

All curtains will arrive at your door with hooks affixed at intervals of approximately 9-10cm apart. Your curtains arrive ready to be hung and enjoyed.

Does Draperly sell rods & rings?2019-09-18T10:53:26+00:00

While all S-fold curtains arrive with a free custom made curtain track, Draperly does not supply curtain rods and rings. If you are having trouble finding the right rods and rings, please contact us here and we would be happy to assist you.

We do provide the metal hooks affixed to the back of the curtain panel. Your curtains will arrive with these hooks pre-affixed at 9-10cm intervals, making your curtains ready to be hung and enjoyed.

Tell me more about lining2019-09-18T10:55:02+00:00

You can choose to have any of our Belgian flax linen curtains and sheer linen curtains lined.

Lining is a separate fabric panel and it is sewn directly to the back of the fabric at the curtain header. Tabs secure the edges of the lining to the edges of the fabric at the side seams.

Our blockout lining is high performance, 3 pass blockout in Ecru (slightly off white). It blocks 99% of light for privacy, noise reduction and insulation. It protects the front of the fabric from fading over time and it is ideal for rooms where total blockout is required.

Do you offer a measurement service?2019-12-31T11:53:24+00:00

We offer a measure as well as an installation service. Please email us at info@draperly.com.au or call us on 1300 819 422 to find out if your area is covered by this service.

The nature of linen2017-10-09T00:12:21+00:00

Linen is one of the most luxurious fibres on the planet, and like all natural fibres, it moves and breathes along with the changing seasons. All natural fibres, especially those with a loose weave can drop, or stretch, slightly over time. Please contact us to discuss if you have any concerns.

Fabric joins2019-09-18T10:56:29+00:00

If your custom curtains are wider then the the width of the fabric you have chosen, we will join the fabric together with vertical seams. The width of our Belgian Flax linen and Economy blockout is is 147cm. Our sheer linen look is 282cm.

How do I wash my curtains?2017-10-09T00:14:53+00:00

The best way to keep your curtains clean is to lightly shake or hand vacuum while hanging.

If you are looking for a deeper clean, we recommend  professional dry cleaning only. Draperly takes no responsibility for any damage incurred by your dry cleaner.

Please note that while our linens are pre-washed and pre-shrunk, they can shrink up to 5% in the dry cleaning processes.

Can I order fabric by the metre?2018-02-14T16:16:19+00:00

Please contact our team at info@draperly.com.au for more information on purchasing fabric by the metre.

Will there be any colour variation in my curtains?2018-02-14T16:17:41+00:00

From time to time, there are slight variations in colour between dye lots. If you are purchasing multiple curtains for your home, we suggest purchasing them all together to ensure that all of the fabric comes from the same dye lot.

Are your fabrics Eco friendly?2018-02-05T13:57:18+00:00

Linen is recognised as one of the most ecologically sound fabrics of all. It is totally biodegradable and recyclable. Read more about the Eco benefits of linen here.

What are the weights of your fabrics?2017-10-09T02:00:24+00:00

The weights of each of our fabrics are listed below:

  • Belgain Flax Linen – 296gsm
  • Belgain Sheer Linen – 95gsm
Where do you source your linens?2018-02-14T16:24:31+00:00

Our Belgian Flax linen and Belgian sheer linens are woven from the world’s finest flax. They are certified by either The European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CELC), which is the only European agro-industrial organisation federating all the stages of production and transformation for linen & hemp, or the Masters of Linen, which is a subsidiary of the CELC (European Flax and Hemp Confederation).

Do you offer an installation service?2018-02-14T16:25:34+00:00

We offer an installation service in certain locations. Please email us at info@draperly.com.au to find out if your area is covered by this service.

How do I measure for my curtains?2018-02-05T14:02:46+00:00

Our step by step curtain measuring guide is custom designed to make measuring for your curtains simple and straight forward. We recommend you always use a retractable metal tape measure to ensure accuracy.

Do you offer a trade program?2017-10-09T00:50:53+00:00

We love working with trade professionals. Register your interest here and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Can I order fabric swatches?2017-10-09T00:05:32+00:00

Absolutely. We offer free fabric swatches that can be ordered here.

Can you help me with design decisions?2017-10-09T00:05:59+00:00

We would love to assist you with your design decisions. Please email us at info@draperly.com.au and one of our design team will be in touch with you shortly.

Order Cancellation2017-06-14T04:06:57+00:00

A full refund can be given if an order is cancelled by email within 12 hours of being placed.

Changes to your order2018-02-14T16:27:38+00:00

An order confirmation email, outlining your order in full, including exact measurements (in centimetres) of made-to-order curtains is sent via email once an order is placed. If there are any changes to be made to an order please ensure that they are made to us by email within 12 hours of placing the order. After this period, the order will proceed to cutting and manufacturing and changes are unable to be made.

Custom Curtains2017-01-05T11:07:16+00:00
Payment Options2017-09-01T00:59:36+00:00

Draperly accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa or Mastercard (Via Stripe secure payment gateway)
  • Paypal
International Delivery2018-02-05T14:06:37+00:00

At this stage we offer delivery within Australia only. For international destinations, please contact our customer service team to assist with placing your order.

Delivery Times2019-11-20T10:26:54+00:00

*** Please note that our pre-holiday cut off date is 15th November 2019. All order placed after this date will be processed in the first week of January 2020.***

Standard dispatch time for all swatches and fabric samples is 3 working days and made-to-order curtains is 15 working days. Please note that in peak times, dispatch times may fluctuate sightly.

If your order is urgent, please contact us at info@draperly.com.au to discuss the available options.


Draperly is committed to the privacy and confidentiality of its customers. All pages that display personal information are transmitted over a secure session via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption Technology. SSL is the industry standard for conducting secure transactions over the Internet. It protects this site and ensures that all data passed between the web server and browser remains private at all times.

To be sure that you are engaged in a secure session, check that the URL in your browser’s address bar starts with https:// and that a little green padlock can be seen in the browser window, indicating that you are in a secure session.

Privacy Policy2017-08-31T00:38:01+00:00

Draperly will treat the information we collect from you as strictly confidential. We will not reveal, disclose, pass on, sell, rent, distribute, share or licence to any third parties any personal information that you may have provided to us unless we have your express consent to do so.

Exceptions to this are:

  • Where there are reasonable grounds to believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health.
  • Where Draperly is required by law to provide your information.
Returns Policy2017-06-14T04:02:58+00:00

We are confident that you will be happy with the quality and the fit of your curtains but in the event that you are not, we will always work along side you to resolve the problems as best we can. As each curtain order to made-to-measure, we do not accept returns and are unable to offer refunds.

Contact us2018-02-14T16:29:07+00:00

We love working with our customers to achieve the best possible result each and every time. We have highly experienced staff who are able to assist you with:

  • Choosing the best fabric for you
  • Fabric sampling
  • Assistance measuring up for your curtains
  • Installation options
  • Any other questions you may have

Email us today. We are here to help.