Our story

Draperly is the culmination of the Interior design, styling and ecommerce experience of Lee Sandler.

While shopping for her clients in her private design agency, Lee realised that options for curtains were overpriced and underwhelming. The question was simple; why did custom made curtains have to be so complicated and so expensive? She knew there had to be a better way. So, she set about simplifying the process and driving down all of the unnecessary price additions and Draperly was born!

Lee travelled around Australia and the world meeting with fabric and production houses, eventually connecting with one of the world’s best and oldest Flax Linen producers and enlisted an Australian curtain production house. Together,¬†they started creating luxe curtains at a fraction of the tradition retail price for close friends and family.

“Draperly is and will always be the best quality at the best price. We are luxe for less.”