50 Shades of grey

Grey has arguably become the hottest neutral colour for interior design and decoration over the last few years and it does not look to be slowing down. Grey is easy, it’s clean, it’s neat and quite frankly, it just makes design life a whole lot easier.

Grey is easy to live with and easy to decorate around. It is perfect for tone on tone pairing while at the same time is a great canvas for adding drama to any room. Grey comes in many different shades, (50 at least!), so I hear you asking…

which shade of grey fabric is the right one for my curtains?

Here are some general rules to make your curtain fabric choice a little easier.

For a calm and harmonious look, select a grey within a few tonal shades of your wall colour. Test it by hanging a Draperly sample swatch against your wall and if the two more or less blend together then you are on to a winner.  The similar colours create a balanced and pleasing effect and work together to visually open up the space.

If you are into a little drama! Turn up the volume with a mid or dark charcoal curtain set against a light wall colour. The darker curtain selection will instantly draw attention, frame the window and introduce a dash of elegance and sexiness to the space. Draperly recommend this method when you are looking to frame a view. If there is a washing line or brick wall outside your window, this might not be the look you want to go for.

Just like clothes and personal styling draw attention to the elements you would like to draw attention to, and away from those you don’t. The only question left to answer now, is which shade of grey is right for you? Check out our pinterest page for some design inspiration.

Images, from top down via: @oh.eight.oh.nine, @mimdesignstudio, @homebeautiful, @heartlydesignstudio